“How and WHY You can Save Thousands of Litres of Water A Year” by Amber Shortell

Last issue, I talked a bit (okay, a lot) about why it’s important not to buy bottled water. I mentioned, among other things, that water bottles cost five times the amount of water they hold; they’re super hard to recycle, and waste the valuable, irreplaceable resources of oil and water. Here in Canada, particularly Ontario, we’re incredibly lucky to live next to an enormous amount of fresh water, ripe for harvest, in the form of the five Great Lakes. As such, Canadians aren’t susceptible to the water resource issues people are faced with in Europe not to mention in Africa. However, this fact seems to make us a heck of a lot greedier and according to a study by the Government of Canada in 1993 on Municipal Water Issues in Canada:

“Canadian water resources are overused; residential water use is two to three times that of some European countries. Our overuse costs billions of dollars in supply and waste water infrastructure. [Additionally], we do relatively little water recycling compared to other nations.”

All these little problems lead up to that age old question: “Will we run out of water?” At the rate we’re going, it certainly seems like it. Annual water use has sky-rocketed since the 1960s when water usage was at once at 2000 km2, but while it was 4300 km2 in the nineties, it is now likely to be near the 6000s, if it has not reached this amount already. While we aren’t as bad as our neighbours to the south at water usage, we’re still far from perfect. I want you to think about how much unnecessary water you’re wasting when you don’t use a reusable water bottle. While you can’t do much about the enormous water usage in your food or your clothes, you can still do something small. You can choose not to use plastic water bottles, buy a reusable water bottle, and save a couple thousand of litres of water a year. Now think globally. If everyone committed to this dream, we would soon find ourselves with tons of extra water per year. Now that’s a goal to be proud of (and an easily achievable one too). Make me proud, fellow Glendonites and reduce your water usage by buying and using a reusable stainless steel water bottle!



Published by: G.R.E.E.N. G.R.A.S.S.

G.R.E.E.N. G.R.A.S.S., which is an acronym for Glendon Residence Environmental E-Newsletter & Glendon Roots and Shoots' Serial, is a newsletter and serial blog created and maintained by Glendon Roots and Shoots and its creation was inspired by the Glendon Residence Environmental Committee's Glendon Residence Environmental E-Newsletter (GREEN), thus its namesake. Our goal for GREEN GRASS is to spread awareness on environmentalism and sustainability by publishing submitted articles from Glendon's very own environmental activists and students. Published once a month, we hope to inspire fellow Glendonites and netizens beyond to become active world citizens and conscious consumers by sharing fellow students' voice of concern for the well-being of Mother Nature as we also promote G.R.A.S.' projects and initiatives. Thanks for reading~

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