“How to build a Solar Bottle Bulb” by Adela Ching

– PET soda bottle
– Galvanized Iron (GI) sheet
– Epoxy/Rubber sealant
– Bleach
– Filtered Water

How to ASSEMBLE the Solar Bottle Bulb


1. Cut approximately 9 x 10 inches of GI sheet (wavy or flat, depending on the roof where Solar Bottle Bulb will be installed).

2.  At the center of the GI sheet, draw 2 circles (outer: similar to the circumference of the soda bottle; inner: 1 cm smaller). Cut only the inner, smaller circle.

3. Cut the 1 cm difference thoroughly, making it into strips and bending it upwards, perpendicular to the GI sheet.

 4. Using sandpaper, scratch the surface around the upper third portion of the bottle where the GI sheet will be placed. This allows the epoxy or rubber sealant to stick better.

5.  Insert the bottle into the GI sheet until the upper third portion of the bottle. Apply the rubber sealant on the strips above and around the area below. Wait for it to dry.

6.  Fill the bottle with filtered water and around 10 ml (2 capfuls) of bleach. Screw cap back onto the bottle.

How to INSTALL the Solar Bottle Bulb

1. Cut a hole on the roof, similar to the bottle’s circumference.


2. Apply rubber sealant around the hole. Place the solar bottle bulb into the hole. Make sure it is firmly in place.

3. Drill 3-4 holes on each side of the solar bottle bulb and put it in the rivets.

4. Apply rubber sealant on all sides of the GI sheet of the solar bottle bulb to avoid leakage. Make sure to cover the rivets.

5. Place a protective plastic tube on the bottle cap and apply rubber sealant.

The installed Solar Bottle Bulb can now provide around 50 watts of light!

Featured Image Credits: BBC NEWS


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