“Howling is forbidden” – by Eileen Wong

Wolves are cute, aren’t they? Well, except when they show their hungry teeth andchase you down. Then again, would you not do the same for the sake of survival?

Like humans, wolves work with each other to survive. They hunt animals in packs and fight against natural disasters such as drought and food shortages. However, over

Yes, wolves are predators nevertheless they have as much of a value in the natural environment as any other prey or predator. They are members of the food chain, because they play a key role in sustaining and balancing the ecosystem. If wolves become extinct, their territories will be roaming with elks and deer that tend to overgraze plants and make the are

Wolves not only maintain the native ecosystem, but also provide economic advantages to a country for example, tourism. They attract many foreign visitors giving the country a promising income.

What can you do to help sustain the lives of wolves? Speak out. Send out emails to public authorities and let them know that you disagree with what is happening to the wolves. Another way is to donate money to supporters of these animals such as the Natural Resources Defense Council and Defenders of Wildlife. Instead of buying a new sweater or a pair of jeans that you probably don’t need, donate the money and help out the animals that are on the brink of dying due to our own actions. Lastly, take some time and find petitions to sign. The president of United States already has a plan to kill hundreds of wolves whereas in Canada, authorities plan to destroy the wolves’ habitats. Sign now. Your signature can make a lot of difference in saving wildlife. Here are two sites where you can sign the petition for saving wolves’ habitat:


Please do consider the above options. It is crucial that we speak out before the once beautiful wildlife gets wiped out forever, which leaves only artificially created objects and we all know that this artificial beauty is not beautiful at all.



Published by: G.R.E.E.N. G.R.A.S.S.

G.R.E.E.N. G.R.A.S.S., which is an acronym for Glendon Residence Environmental E-Newsletter & Glendon Roots and Shoots' Serial, is a newsletter and serial blog created and maintained by Glendon Roots and Shoots and its creation was inspired by the Glendon Residence Environmental Committee's Glendon Residence Environmental E-Newsletter (GREEN), thus its namesake. Our goal for GREEN GRASS is to spread awareness on environmentalism and sustainability by publishing submitted articles from Glendon's very own environmental activists and students. Published once a month, we hope to inspire fellow Glendonites and netizens beyond to become active world citizens and conscious consumers by sharing fellow students' voice of concern for the well-being of Mother Nature as we also promote G.R.A.S.' projects and initiatives. Thanks for reading~

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