“Glendon Roots and Shoots’ Take on the International Day of Peace” by Tia McNeil

Since keeping peace among nations is a main objective of the United Nations (U.N.), in 1981 the General Assembly declared the opening day of its regular session the International Day of Peace.  Every year on this day the General Assembly invites everyone to celebrate in a peaceful manner.

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An opportunity for community

Glendon celebrates the International Day of Peace by holding an annual Campus Shoreline Clean-up. This year the tradition was carried out while introducing first-year members to what Glendon Roots and Shoots (G.R.A.S.) is really about. One of the first year members, Elaine Cabildo, has agreed to do us the honour of participating in an interview:

G.R.A.S.:  What interested you in doing the shoreline clean-up?

Glendon Roots&Shoots members at the cleanup!

Elaine: As [a freshman] at Glendon I wanted to look for ways to be more involved
in the community and meet new people. I’ve always had a great passion for the
environment and as soon as I got the email informing the Roots and Shoots
members about the event, I knew it would be a great way to help the environment
and meet new people.

G.R.A.S.:  Why do you think there’s so much litter near the creek?

Elaine:  I think that since the creek and the Glendon forest in general is somewhat isolated from the rest of the campus, people don’t often feel like littering in
and around the area will affect anyone – it’s more of an out of sight and out of mind thing.

G.R.A.S.:  What was the most interesting thing that was found?

Elaine:  Among the countless coffee cups, beer bottles and plastic sediments, the most interesting thing I found during the cleanup was the lengthy pieces of metal pipe scattered around the edge of the ravine. They must’ve come from some part of machinery, or they might have fallen from one of the construction trucks, but they definitely stood out as outliers in the forest.

G.R.A.S.:  Do you think the clean-up was an appropriate way to celebrate the International Day of Peace?

Elaine:  I definitely feel like the clean-up was an appropriate way to celebrate [the International Day of Peace]! What better way to encourage peace in our community then to help clean up our environment? We encouraged peace by working together to remove garbage from the forest and help move one step closer to returning it to its natural state.

G.R.A.S.:  What did you like most about the cleanup?

Elaine:  Meeting new people and being outdoors on a beautiful Friday were definitely pluses, but I also loved looking at all the scenery and unique landscape our campus has to offer. It was the first time I was able to go that far into the forest, and I’m sure it won’t be my last.

G.R.A.S.:  What did you dislike?

Elaine:  The bugs weren’t always so friendly, but thanks to Tia and her bug-spray they didn’t hinder us from picking up heaps of trash!

G.R.A.S.:  Would you consider doing this again?

Elaine:  Of course! I hope we have another clean-up later on in the year and that our September clean-up becomes an annual tradition.

G.R.A.S.:  How can G.R.A.S. improve for next year’s clean-up?

Elaine:  Everything went pretty smoothly. Maybe next year we can plan out a definite path to take so half of us don’t end up lost or left behind, but it was great; I had a lot of fun!

To see live footage of the clean-up, please visit the link below:

By Tia McNeil

Featured Image Credit: unmultimedia.org (UNITED NATIONS)


Published by: G.R.E.E.N. G.R.A.S.S.

G.R.E.E.N. G.R.A.S.S., which is an acronym for Glendon Residence Environmental E-Newsletter & Glendon Roots and Shoots' Serial, is a newsletter and serial blog created and maintained by Glendon Roots and Shoots and its creation was inspired by the Glendon Residence Environmental Committee's Glendon Residence Environmental E-Newsletter (GREEN), thus its namesake. Our goal for GREEN GRASS is to spread awareness on environmentalism and sustainability by publishing submitted articles from Glendon's very own environmental activists and students. Published once a month, we hope to inspire fellow Glendonites and netizens beyond to become active world citizens and conscious consumers by sharing fellow students' voice of concern for the well-being of Mother Nature as we also promote G.R.A.S.' projects and initiatives. Thanks for reading~

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