“Let’s shine a new light on facial products!” by Eileen Wong

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Have you ever stood in the cosmetics aisle contemplating which brand of facial product to buy?  I know I have. I would spend an hour picking up one facial cleanser and comparing it with another.  In the end, I would feel so overwhelmed by the enormous selection that I wanted to shake the entire shelf until fate would drop a cleanser into my hands.

Today, there are thousands of different skincare products, each one adorned with ingredients you cannot pronounce no matter how hard you try.  Although most bottles have some slightly natural sounding words plastered around the exotic looking fluid, they are still chemicals.  If they don’t look like what they are in their original natural form, then they are man-made and altered in some way.

Every day we use so many of these synthetic concoctions to maintain the ideal beauty sculpted by the media that we completely blind ourselves from the potential dangers to our skin and the environment.  It is definitely hard to believe that we might get skin cancer or other health problems from these products when our eyes are massaged with flawless images of women and men wherever we go.  Nevertheless, the dangers exist, lingering in the darkness and waiting to consume us when we least expect it.

There are plenty of harmful chemicals that can do some serious damage to your skin and body in the long-term, directly and indirectly.  In the first case, let’s examine a highly reputed chemical called paraben.  If you pick up your bottle of your lotion or facial cleanser and you see paraben or methylparaben, then you are rubbing carcinogenic properties onto your precious body.  Phthalate is another type of chemical that can cause cancer as well whether used internally, externally, or both.  When used externally, it can get into our water supply.  When you wash the chemicals from your face, they don’t vanish into thin air; they go back into our water and environment causing contamination and mutation to animals and humans.

Why in the name of beauty would you do this to yourself and Mother Nature? It is important to keep yourself clean and smelling good for social reasons, but there are plenty of natural ways to do so which can cost 10 times less.  For example, I absolutely love using non-pasteurized honey and 100% pure tea tree oil to cleanse my face.  Honey takes off bacteria and dirt, heals damaged skin, and moisturizes it leaving your skin feeling as soft as a baby’s hand.  And everyone has heard about the benefits of tea tree oil; it has antibacterial properties and prevents breakouts.

You must keep in mind though that pimples can be the result of inadequate eating habits.  We often hear the phrase, “Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables!”  Let me tell you this:  follow that rule!  I can’t stress enough how beneficial those colourful greens are for your skin.  Steer away from junk and man-made foods and opt for nutritious snacks.  You will also enjoy the benefit of having less garbage and plastic wrapping to throw away, making your garbage bin and the natural environment smile.

The next time you want a new cleanser, try to explore the options in the produce section of a supermarket instead of getting lost in endless pharmaceutical shelves.  May your skin radiate with happiness and the earth kiss your new soft cheeks!

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