“A Culture of Convenience and Waste” By: Christine Su

Inevitably, the development of technology enabled society to experience higher productivity within a shorter amount of time. The benefit is that we finish more tasks much more easily, and a lot faster. The con is that we are constantly pressured to work more and to work faster.

Consequently, we experience a culture of convenience to maximize time and productivity. For instance, a lot of us have strayed away from the familial, homey coffee shops or the Italian espresso bars in favour of fast-paced, disposable take-out culture. We used to sit there to chat with friends and family, while actually enjoying the food. Now we line up by ourselves to get a cup of a quick morning fix at the local franchise.

We are so focused on conserving time that we have forgotten about how to slow down, consume less, and enjoy life.
Here are a few suggestions for you to enjoy, even with your loved ones:

Coffee/ Tea

-Take a stroll with your friends (or by yourself) to find that fave café – a place where you can sit, relax, study, and enjoy your drink. Hopefully it is one that doesn’t promote a disposable culture!

-For the Glendonites:  Lunik Co-op Café at the Glendon Manor
-North York (Finch and Yonge) : Capriccio Café
-For the social, board-gamer ; Downtown (Koreatown) : Snakes and Lattes
-Cafe with high reviews on Yelp that I’ve never been to yet and should really check out!!! :
Rooster Coffee House (If you’ve been here, please let me know what it’s like there)

-Learn to make your own coffee or tea at home. You’ll get that sense of accomplishment after. J

-Woke up late? And you really don’t have time to do any of the above? Bring a travel mug to your favourite shop instead.

Museums or Galleries

-As Vivienne Westwood suggests, visiting museums or galleries are a good way to indulge in the present rather than indulging in consumption (shopping).
– (Fashion Manifesto: The Guide for the Style Savvy by Sofia Hedstrom)


-Have a dinner party at home with minimal waste

-Movie nights with friends with homemade pizza and pan popped popcorn!

-Go biking, hiking or jogging with a buddy. You’ll get your daily/ weekly dose of exercise too!

– Especially since you’re at university now, you’re always studying or hanging out with friends. Your family barely gets a chance to spend time with you. Designate a day of the week to spend time with your famjam!


Published by: G.R.E.E.N. G.R.A.S.S.

G.R.E.E.N. G.R.A.S.S., which is an acronym for Glendon Residence Environmental E-Newsletter & Glendon Roots and Shoots' Serial, is a newsletter and serial blog created and maintained by Glendon Roots and Shoots and its creation was inspired by the Glendon Residence Environmental Committee's Glendon Residence Environmental E-Newsletter (GREEN), thus its namesake. Our goal for GREEN GRASS is to spread awareness on environmentalism and sustainability by publishing submitted articles from Glendon's very own environmental activists and students. Published once a month, we hope to inspire fellow Glendonites and netizens beyond to become active world citizens and conscious consumers by sharing fellow students' voice of concern for the well-being of Mother Nature as we also promote G.R.A.S.' projects and initiatives. Thanks for reading~

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