“DIY Skincare/Cosmetics” by Christine Su

“DIY Skincare/Cosmetics” by Christine Su

Here are some DIY skincare or cosmetic ideas that you can try out at home to replace some of those products that are too expensive and/or too laden with chemicals. Best of all, we’ll know that these products weren’t tested on animals! 🙂

Most if not all of these ideas can be found online if you need tutorials because these are all ideas which I got from other friends, online, or even on TV that I’d like to share with you guys!

 1. Facial Masks  


Get a cup of natural, original yogurt from the grocery store (which can be found for $1 or less), along with certain fruits or vegetables depending on the type of skincare benefit you want from your DIY mask. Avocadoes, for instance, are rich in antioxidants. Cucumbers, on the other hand, are great for soothing and moisturizing the skin. Just cut up and mash the vegetable/fruit, and mix it with the yogurt. Various recipes of DIY masks can be found online. DIY  masks are a fun way to moisturize and repair the skin using natural ingredients!

2. Facial Powder 


Need a simple way to keep your face looking matte, especially during the summer? You can most likely find these ingredients right in your kitchen.
-Translucent Facial Powder: Easy. Cornstarch. Done.
-Tinted Facial Powder:  Mix cornstarch and cocoa powder together. If your skin tone is darker, you would add more cocoa powder into the mixture.

3. Toner


While washing organic rice, collect the water into a convenient container for daily use. The reason for using organic rice is that it does not contain pesticides or herbicides. We wouldn’t want to be applying those to our faces! Using this water in the morning to remove dirt and oil is a lot gentler than using a cleanser. It will also help to control sebum, since we’re not stripping our face of all its oil.

4. Lip Stain (contains gelatin)



Dip a wet cotton swab into a bowl of red Jello (cherry/ strawberry) and apply the Jello to your lips. Try to be careful to not stain the skin outside of your lips.

5. Lip Stain (vegan)

(Eco-Etsy blog)
(Eco-Etsy blog)

A vegan and more natural alternative of the lip stain is to use beet juice! Use a juicer to extract the juice and add a few drops of lemon juice. Rookie Mag has a cool and detailed blog post about how to make your own beet juice lip stain: http://rookiemag.com/2013/02/make-your-own-lip-stain/ .

6. Underarm whitener


Lemons naturally have whitening properties so a lot of people use them to whiten their darkened underarms, which are a result of using too much deodorant/ antiperspirant. Cut the lemons into sections. Rub 1-2 slices on the darkened area and save the rest in a container for other days. It will take time for the skin to be lightened.

Update: On today’s Marilyn Denis show, they showed viewers various “Kitchen Cures” for health problems like: lemon juice for acne, apple cider vinegar for warts/moles, coconut oil for dandruff and more! Here’s the link: http://www.marilyn.ca/HealthFitness/segments/Daily/November2013/11_06_2013/CuresKitchen


If you have any other ideas that you can share with us, that would be awesome! It would help all of us who are looking for more natural alternatives with a tight, student budget. Thanks!


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