Hours and Points Rewards System

Please help support our club and all of our initiatives! Spread the word!
All proceeds from our fundraisers go towards supporting the Jane Goodall Institute and their community-centred conservation efforts!!

Volunteer with us at tabling or before and during an event and/or blog with us and you get yours hours worth that goes towards your co-curricular record with York University!!

Support our fundraisers by donating to us and/or come to our charity parties and you earn points! Each additional friend you bring equals to one point! $1 a point!
Also you get fabulous GREEN rewards!

Hours get you points as well, but points do not get you hours.
Since as of late March 2013, hours are given to those who attend our meetings and thus to avoid inflation of points, the rewards system has now been adjusted to be more fair and reasonable.
All hours and points are accumulating and lasts up until the end of your membership with us.
All given rewards merchandise will be purchased from JGI’s online store and will subsequently goes back to support JGI’s efforts!

10 hours = thank-you card

20 hours = signed volunteer certificate

30 hours = reference letter

40 hours = visual portfolio + reference

50 points = signed snare card

60 points = a bag worth of ready-to-go JGI coffee blend

75 points = stainless-steel water bottle and lunch box 

100 points = Beads of Life and 2 buttons (one R&S/JGI; one customized) 

125 points = Roots and Shoots reusable bag comes with stationary kit 

150 points = R&S t-shirt and a handmade thank-you card

175 points = Mr. H (Jane Goodall’s signature plushie) with a banana and a JGI Blanket

200 points = 2 DVDS- Chimpanzee the movie with Disneynature and Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzee

250 points = The Shadow of the Man, Dr. Jane Goodall’s first book, plus you will become a CHIMP GUARDIAN and we will also dedicate a whole article on our blog to you!!)

300 points and 40 hours minimum = select 3 from the above

400 points 80 hours minimum = visual portfolio and reference included + options of 5 more from above

500 points and a minimum of 100 hours of volunteering = ALL of the ABOVE!


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